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Screen Shots

Click any of the images below for a full-size view.

[Screen shot] Here is a bird's-eye view of our simulation space, complete with a 5×3×3 lattice ready for action. Note that in Light Speed!, motion is always along the x-axis, in the positive-x direction.

[Screen shot] The lattice is now moving toward us at 200,000,000 m/s, or about 0.67c. Optical aberration is deforming the lattice noticeably, while the headlight effect illuminates it to appear much brighter than normal. Also note how the spheres have turned blackish; their color has been pushed off the edge of the visible spectrum by the Doppler effect.

[Screen shot] If we swing to the right, what we see changes drastically. The lattice is no longer approaching us directly, but at an angle, and as such the Doppler and headlight effects are reduced in magnitude. Optical aberration changes the apparent form of the lattice as well.

[Screen shot] At a rough side view, both trends grow more noticeable. (The lattice is moving left). Note the character of optical aberration-- points on the lattice which are closer to you appear further ahead than the rest. Due to the finite speed of light, you are seeing the more distant points at a slightly earlier moment in time!

[Screen shot] Now, as we move to a rearward view, the headlight effect spoils the fun as it renders the object too dark to see. The Doppler effect is doing likewise, shifting what little light we do see into the infrared range. Bye bye lattice.

[Screen shot] Did I mention Light Speed! can import 3D objects? :-) Here we have a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air, which is about to go slightly over the posted speed limit . . .

[Screen shot] . . . about 539,999,900 km/h over.

(Good thing we're in the carpool lane)

[Screen shot] Of course, in the real world, an earthbound vehicle will never travel that fast. The air friction alone would incinerate it in a heartbeat. But a space vessel could very well attain such speeds, given enough thrust. You might recognize this particular ship from someplace };)

[Screen shot] Forget about cheesy Hollywood "warp" effects-- this here's the real thing!

[Screen shot] Finally, here's a quick roundup of a few features in Light Speed!: multiple camera views, a position readout-input dialog, and custom zoom control.

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